The Qur’an or the Qur’an (Arabic: القرآن الكريم) is the sacred and central book of Islam, which Muslims believe to be the Word of God, and that is why the Holy Quran is the most revered book. This book was inspired by the revelation of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). The angel (Gabriel) appointed by the Allah used to bring Prophet.The verses of the Quran were revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and he recited it to the Companions, as well as to them, Explain the meaning of the verses. Some companions would have memorized these verses and preserved some by writing them down. Muslims believe that the Qur’an is a free and safe book of all kinds, the Qur’an has never lacked and it has the status of being the only safe book in the world, the true meaning of which has not changed. Occasionally, and despite having appeared in hundreds of millions all over the world, its text is the same and its text is worship. This is the last book in the heavenly books after the Prophet Ibrahim, the Psalms and the Torah and the Gospel and confirms the previous heavenly books. Now no heavenly book will be revealed after that. In view of the nature and eloquence of the Qur’an, it has been given the highest position in all Arabic books, both literally and religiously. Moreover, the Qur’an plays an important role in the unity and evolution of Arabic language and literature and its syntactic rules. Thus, the rules of Arabic language formulated by the Quran are the main sources for the leading Arab researchers and scholars such as Sebviya, Abu al-Asud Dooley and Khalil bin Ahmad Farahidi. Although the literature of the Arabic language was particularly extensive before the Qur’an, it was rich in vocabulary and tactics and metaphors, but it was not unified. The Qur’an has the privilege of uniting the Arabic language on a single basis and offers beauty, fluency, eloquence, and expressions of humor and expression that were fascinated by the Arabs. Moreover, the Qur’an also protected the Arabic language from erosion, as many of the Semitic languages became extinct or degraded over time, while the Arabic language became more rich over time, and with all the requirements of the ancient and modern, Kept compatible There are 114 Surahs in the Quran out of which 87 were revealed in Mecca and they are called Makki Surat and 27 are revealed in Madinah and are called Madani Surahs. Muslims believe that the Holy Qur’an has been revealed by the angel Gabriel to the Prophet Muhammad for almost 23 years. This series of revelations began when the Prophet Muhammad was forty years old and continued till His death 632 AH. Moreover, Muslims also believe that after the death of the Prophet, the Companions moved him in complete order and his verses hold the status of the departments, as well as the Qur’an to the Resurrection offers practical and solution to every situation. The first translation of the Qur’an was done by Salman Farsi. This Surah Al-Fatihah was translated into Persian. The Qur’an is also the only book in the world that millions of people remember verbally, and it is the most read book in the world, which Muslims also read daily in prayer and individually. Do In addition, Muslims listen to the entire Qur’an at least once every year in the month of Ramadan in the Taraweeh prayer. The Qur’an has played an important role in shaping the common life, beliefs and ideologies of Muslims, Islamic philosophy, Islamic politics, economics, ethics and the sciences and arts. On the suggestion of Umar bin Khattab after the death of the Prophet, the Qur’an was consolidated under the command of Khalifa Abu Bakr Siddiq and under the leadership of Zayed ibn Thabit Ansari. After the death of Umar ibn Khattab, the manuscript was preserved by Umm al-mu’minin Hafsa ibn Umar. When the Caliph Som Usman ibn Aafan saw the differences in the Qur’an on the basis of the differences of the words, the copy of the manuscript written by Hafsa in the Quraish language should be allowed to make it standard. After getting permission, he made several copies of the author and sent them to the whole world of Islam, and ordered all Muslims to follow the same. He kept one of these copies. All these manuscripts are now known as Mushafa Usmani. Most researchers agree that all of these manuscripts were duplicates of Abu Bakar’s manuscript, there was no shortage of them. According to Muslims, the Qur’an is a miracle of the Prophet Muhammad and his verses present a challenge to all human beings that no one can imitate him; , The Torah, the Psalms and the Gospel to the heavenly message ended on the Qur’an. Interpretations of the Qur’an are called commentary in Islamic terms which have been performed in different languages. Quranic translations have taken place in major languages around the world. While the number of translations of the Quran in Urdu alone is more than 300. Some popular site about